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Why Data Science & AI Are Considered As The Best Career Options In 2020?

Over the last 5 years, the demand for Data Science, AI and other analytics professionals has taken a new shape. As more and more number of companies have realized the prominence of Data Science & its relevant technologies they are now looking towards recruiting the best skills capable to handle the analytics industry challenges.   In striking contrast to the rise in demand for Data Scientists & AI professionals the analytics industry is facing shortage of skilled analytics experts owing to various reasons.

Now, let’s have a look at various aspects that prove that Data Science & AI are the best career options to choose in 2020.

  • Data Science & AI Job Roles Require Constant Skill Upgradation

Both Data Science & AI job roles aren’t just innovative & interesting but are also quite challenging. To excel in career in any of these job roles, professionals need to have intense knowledge of analytics tools, algorithms & also knowledge of other advanced analytics technologies like Machine Learning & Deep Learning are also very crucial.

This simply means that in order to have a successful career in these technologies one needs to be a life-long learner which surely is a good thing.

  • Analytics Industry Facing Critical Skill Shortage

By now, everyone must have clearly realized the fact that the analytics industry is in dire need for skilled professionals in Data Science or AI. Top companies around the world like Microsoft, Google, CTS, Infosys and many others are readily hiring the skilled analytics experts.

According to a survey conducted by IBM it is predicted that by the mid of 2020, the demand for Data Science & AI experts would rise by 44%. This is the perfect time to step into the job market of Data Science or AI.

  • Exclusive Salaries For The Skilled Professionals

The rising demand for analytics experts in Data Science or AI technologies has made them one among the high paying job roles. As per the stats, a skilled Data Scientist on an average can earn salary as high as $105,000 and AI expert can earn on average of $117,000. This is far higher than the existing IT & Corporate job roles.

Apart from these, another aspect which may excite you is that the demand for Data Science & AI experts has crawled to almost all the industries across the IT, Corporate, Business, Banking, Insurance, Automobile, Education & several other sectors.

If you are a career enthusiast who’s looking to secure their career in any of the challenging technologies then opting for career in Data Science or AI would surely be the ideal choice. Master the advanced job-centred skills in Data Science or AI technologies with the help of Orien IT institutes advanced Data Science Training In Hyderabad program.

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