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The Geography Of Big Data Industry & Its Growth Trends

Big Data Hadoop is by far considered as the best innovation in the field of data management. Hadoop is currently one among the most progressive fields whose investments have crossed 12billion by the end of 2016 & near to 81billion just by the end of 2018.

Big Data Growth Trends-

For those who are new to Big Data industry let us help you towards understanding it better. We are living in a world surrounded by data & as per the estimates, in only a year, the accumulated world data will grow to 44 zettabytes (that’s 44 trillion gigabytes). The global revenue of the Big Data industry is about 42 billion in 2018.

Hadoop is currently the leading data processing software & Its global market is expanding fast and anticipated to hold a CARG of 53.7% for the period of 2015 to 2022.

Hadoop Ecosystem:

Hadoop Is Fabricated With The Three Most Essential Modules-

  • Map Reduce

Based on the above short description, the Map reduce Components support the distributed estimated calculations of large data files.

  • HDFS

The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) component provides a way to store large data sets across multiple machines Hadoop and HDFS are copied from the Google file system.

  • YARN

YARN can be interpreted as a resource Negotiator (YARN) introduced in Hadoop 2.0 framework. It manages Hadoop Cluster’s calculating resources.

Common Hadoop Functioning Frameworks-

Let’s have a look at the most common Hadoop functioning frameworks

  • Hadoop Common

Has the presence of common utilities that support the other Hadoop modules

  • Hadoop Distributed File System

Helps in accessing different applications data by proviing high throughput

  • Hadoop YARN

Framework used for the cluster resource management

  • Hadoop MapReduce

Used for parallel processing of enormous sets of data

Industries That Are Using Big Data Hadoop-

Industries that are moving fast towards Big Data Hadoop are Medicine, Construction, Transportation, Banking & Retail, Manufacturing, IT & Software Services, Federal Government and many more.

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