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DevOps Interview Questions

If you are working towards successfully clearing your DevOps interview process then you have come to the right that could guide you towards successfully clearing your interview. In this blog post, we have collected the list of most frequently asked interview questions on DevOps. Going through this post you will be giving you a clear idea about what kind of questions in DevOps are being asked in the interviews & how to confidently answer these questions.

What is DevOps?

As the name itself indicates, the term DevOps relates to attaining collaboration between the Development & as well as Operation units in the company’s deployment process. However, DevOps is not a tool, or a software or framework. DevOps is a culture which is about implementing Agile methodology across the development & operation teams.

What Are The Key Elements Behind The Principle Of DevOps?

The key aspects of DevOps are

  • Infrastructure as a Code
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Automation
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Security

Which DevOps Tools Are Extensively Used In The Industry?

List of extensively used DevOps tools are

  • Git
  • Jenkins
  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • Nagios
  • Docker
  • ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is one of the most popular open-source tools in DevOps. Jenkins is an integration tool specially written in Java language. Jenkins can initiate & monitor a build system if it sees any changes by tracking the version control system. By carefully monitoring the entire process it reports and notifications to alert the concerned team.

What Is Amazon S3 In AWS DevOps?

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is used for the purpose of object storage having a simple web service interface. It can easily store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web.

 What Are The Major Benefits Of Using Git?

  • Data redundancy and replication
  • High availability
  • Only one. git directory per repository
  • Superior disk utilization and network performance
  • Collaboration friendly
  • Git can use any sort of projects

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