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Data Science All-Time Trendsetter

Data Science is one of the trending jobs in 21st century. The most popular Newyork Times reported about the success stories of Data scientists. Data science is not only applied by software companies, even telecommunication industries are also making a deal with data scientists.

We have got to know the importance of Data science…But let us know what exactly data science is.

Data Science is not a new technical invention; it’s been a 30yrs old technology. Data science is something that connects computer science with data. Data scientists are popularly known as computer experts. It is very true that data science requires specific skillset. The companies generally hire data science experts.

Know Would You Make a Good Data Scientist?   

There may be some random questions that are probably flickering in the mind of aspirants. These are the basic questions that data scientist need to pose themselves.

  • Are you a degree graduate from statistics, management information systems or marketing etc.?
  • Do you have any work experience in this field?
  • Do you have keen interest in data sampling?
  • Do you speak well either verbally or visually?
  • Want to enhance your skills and taking up new challenges?

If you have scored 3 out of 5 questions then your profile is perfectly suitable for the data scientist profession.

Actual Difference between Data Analysts and Data Engineers

Along with data scientists, we frequently listen about data analysts and data engineers. Are these 3 roles the same? Let’s understand the difference.

Data Analysts

Data analysis does not require statistical knowledge, they doesn’t interact with top management. They are given specific goals and questions that need to perform and give the required analysis.

Data Engineers

Data engineers can be considered as data architects. Even they are not connected with statistical knowledge.

Data Science

Data scientists are the engineers who build the products.

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