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Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions

If you are preparing towards successfully clearing your AI interview process then we are here to help with you interview preparation process. In this blog post, we have collected the list of most frequently asked interview questions on Artificial Intelligence. Going through this post you will be giving you a clear idea about what kind of questions in AI are being asked in the interviews & how to confidently answer these questions.

What Is AI?

Artificial intelligence is an advanced concept in computer science that emphasizes towards delivering machines with the ability to think, analyze & perform complex tasks without human intervention. It is divided into two classes: strong AI and weak AI.

How Would You Distinguish Between Strong AI And Weak AI?

Strong AI refers to the complex form of AI that presents computers with the ability to think on a level (at least) equal to humans. On the other hand, Weak AI simply states that some “thinking-like” features can be added to computers to make them more useful tools.

What Is An Artificial Intelligence Neural Networks?

Artificial intelligence Neural Networks functioning is quite similar to that of functioning of neurons in the human brain. It allows machine to think and learn in the same way the humans do- making them capable of recognizing things like speech, objects and animals like we do.

In Which Domains AI Can Be Used?

Artificial Intelligence has a wide range of applications across several domains.  Computing, Speech recognition, Bio-informatics, Humanoid robot, Computer software, Space and Aeronautics’s etc are to name a few.

What Is Agent In Artificial Intelligence?

An agent in AI can be defined as anything that can perceive its environment by sensors & acts upon an environment by effectors are known as Agent. Agent includes Robots, Programs, and Humans etc.

Where You Can Use The Bayes Rule In Artificial Intelligence?

While answering the probabilistic queries conditioned on one piece of evidence we can make use of Bayes rule for efficient results.

Which Type Of Signals Are Used In Speech Recognition?

Acoustic signal is used to identify a sequence of words in the in Speech Recognition.

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